Today 26th of Apr 2019

Unstable: Strong south westerly winds over the Alps, a front moves through from west to east.

The weather

Cloudy with widespread showers and possible thunderstorms in the afternoon. Weather improvement in the evening from the west. Maximum values between 13° and 19°.

Mountain weather

Unstable conditions with widespread showers or some thunderstorms in the afternoon. Still strong wind from the south.

Tomorrow 27th of Apr 2019

Quite sunny: Dryer air over the Alps with northerly winds.

The weather

Quite sunny and mostly dry weather, the probability for local showers rises only slightly in the afternoon. In the night to Sunday new precipitations with a cold front, limit of snowfall locally sinking to 1000 m. Maximum temperatures between 15° and 22°.

Mountain weather

Quite sunny in the morning, more clouds during the day and isolated showers.

The next days

sunday 28
Very cloudy
max: 19°
min: 1°
monday 29
Very cloudy
max: 18°
min: -2°
tuesday 30
Very cloudy
max: 20°
min: -1°
wednesday 01
Partly cloudy
max: 23°
min: 0°